Thanks for the Amazing Honey

“My husband and I bought a jar of honey from you on Sunday on the Gardening Australia Live.  I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to eat honey again since I mentioned to you I am allergic to pesticides and other things.  Well I have almost finished the jar and is going to be the staple honey at home. Is not only delicious but I didn’t get any reactions from it.   I am super happy and read you sell in the Frenches Forest Market, which is great since we live nearby and go there from time to time.By the way, I thought you would be interested in this talk I gave some weeks ago on TED, it promotes the questioning of the actual paradigm of food and other environmental factors that affect our health and wellness.

It is called “Food for Change” and I hope will inspire people to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle

Congratulation on the great job you do with your bees and the care you put on your products.

Wish you great success.

All the best,

Marisol Miro Quesada”

Manager & Sustainable Designer at Luvya




Email received re Eveleigh Market attendance, resulting in purchasing online

“Hello. I am just about to finish my 4kg container of your honey and cannot bear the thought of having to buy someone else’s.
 Could you please let me know when you will be at Eveleigh market next so that I can come and buy some more.
 I love your honey so much and delight in sharing it with friends and family.
 Thank You”
Georgie – New Online Customer