Fresh Honeycomb

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We no longer have our delicious Fresh Honeycomb for sale,

Fresh Honeycomb is full of our delicious Bush Honey, and is as Raw and Natural as you can get honey, 100% unprocessed.

If you are interested in BULK Wholesale honeycomb please contact us, we are not packing smaller retail packs currently…

Kids love it, oldies love it,  you will too!

Enjoy mouthfuls of this delicacy as a sweet treat. You can chew on the wax like a natural kind of chewing gum, discarding after savoring every last drop of honey; or some like to swallow it or keep aside for little beeswax projects.

Or for those who enjoy cheese platters, add a chunk of honeycomb to your platter alongside a strong blue cheese. The sharpness of the strong flavored cheese will be harmonised by the  subtleness of the Ironbark honey.

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