Are your products Certified Organic ?

NO, our products ARE NOT certified Organic by any of the registered certifying bodies in Australia. The Australian Organic Standard is a voluntary standard for domestic use that regulates the use of the term “organic” within Australia. Due to the size of our business and the excessive costs and bureaucratic burden associated with certification by the registered certifying bodies, we have opted to NOT become certified for now. We DO however practice ORGANIC farming techniques and process / package the honey in ways that are not only consistent with organic principles, but wherever possible in ways that are wholistic, environmentally responsible and at all times with the consumer’s health in mind. We regularly attend Farmers Markets and always answer any questions about our products and procedures to our customers. We believe in the “MEET YOUR FARMER” philosophy rather that the certification business Model.

What Does RAW Honey Mean ?

At Midcoast Honey we go out of our way to ensure our RAW honey is never heated above 43 Degrees, unless it is a VERY HOT DAY, at any point in our operation, this means it is not pasteurised also. 43 Degrees is what we consider to be a naturally occurring temperature within a beehive in the Australian Summer, and at this temperature we believe that the natural properties of the honey are totally retained. We extract the honey at room temperature using the minimal amount of heat only on our uncapping knife, leaving the honey at room temperature. We DO NOT use heat or steam in any other part of our extraction process. When our honey goes “Candied” we use gentle low warmth on it over a period of a week to return it to its liquid state which most people prefer to have it in. This fully reversible process is necessary sometimes to enable us to bottle honey that has candied. The Australian Organic standard specifies that ORGANIC honey may not be heated above 45 Degrees. Research shows that higher temperatures can permanently change the composition of the honey, which is a bad thing.

Are my financial Details safe if i purchase from your Online Store?

Yes, our entire secure server operates using 128-Bit SSL encryption for your entire shopping session and we DO NOT store your financial details on our server, at the end of our checkout process you will be directed to PAYPAL to make the secure payment. If you enter your credit card info directly it is processed by BRAINTREE (A Paypal Company) offsite using the most secure methods in the industry. Your details are safe with us!

What Shipping Services Do you Provide?

We Ship most of our goods via Australia Post, and Fastway. During checkout you will be shown a list of all the appropriate shipping options for your order, and you can choose the one that suits you best. All of the Australia Post options have automatically selected added insurance that covers the cost of replacing the goods should they be lost / damaged in transit. Most locations receive our goods 2 – 3 days after shipping. We offer pickup at our Elands Depot for our local customers, please only select this option  if you have organised this with us in advance, as you will be responsible for picking the order up at our depot. If you spend over $100 you will automatically be eligible for FREE SHIPPING using the Australia Post Regular Parcel service. During checkout and in your cart you will be shown how much more you will need to spend to receive FREE SHIPPING.

How Often do you ship Products? When will my order reach me ?

We live in Rural NSW, and whilst we try to ship goods within 1-2 days, sometimes this is not possible.  Please allow 3-4 days for shipping, plus the appropriate delivery time based upon the shipping service you have selected. Generally all orders should be received within approximately 1 week.

Can children and babies eat RAW honey ?

No. Because RAW Honey is not pasteurised, there is a small risk that infants under 12 months may be susceptible to infant botulism as their digestive system may not yet be able to combat botulism spores that may be in the honey naturally, older children and adults need not worry about this.

Is it true that Beeswax candles actually purify the air as they burn?

Yes. Beeswax candles are the only natural candle that EMITS NEGATIVE IONS as it burns. These NEGATIVE IONS attract onto positive ions (pollutants) in the air and clean them out of the air. They also burn very cleanly emitting far less smoke than other candle types as they burn. Beeswax candles are the purest burning candles.

Is your honey really Australian Made?

Our Honey is lovingly gathered from our small apiary sites by us by hand, and extracted at our home honey factory in a leisurely environment. We hand bottle it, hand pack it and take it to the post office ourselves. 100% Australian Made, Owned and Operated.