Here’s a little bit About Us – Midcoast Honey.


MCH is a Family Owned and operated business operating from the Mid Coast of NSW, Australia.

Our honey is as natural, unprocessed and pure as honey gets. Each harvest is done as a small batch, as the seasons progress, batches are always different and unique to the foraging area. Our most popular table honeys are our Ironbark (Iconic Australian Eucalypt Honey) and our Tea Tree Mixed Blossom (Flavoursome Coastal Honey). Our beekeeping is always done within 200km from home, utilising the beautiful and varied landscapes we feel privileged to call home. This captures the aromas of our area, and gives our honeys their uniquely Australian iconic Flavour and Aroma. We have gone out of our way to ensure that our honey is collected from bees foraging in areas free from chemicals or contaminants entering the honey. We use humane methods of taking the honey from the bees with as little disruption to them as possible. We make sure our bees health is treated as #1 priority. Our honey is cold extracted ( @ room temperature) – and is not tampered with or altered in any way, at any stage of the operation, we try to do it on warm days, the old fashioned way! The main points of distinction between us and major honey brands is that there is currently a big push for people, especially in the cities, wanting to get pure, raw foods, that have not been tampered with, that contain no traces of GM contamination, and are free from residues from fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, and that is what our food production philosophy is based around. We want people to have access to safe, healthy foods, regardless of their location or lifestyle. Unlike many commercial honey producers who try to operate large numbers of hives to achieve their desired yields of honey, we believe that maintaining a smaller number of hives and giving each hive more attention results in higher honey yields per hive and results in significantly lower levels of disease and hive losses each season. This philosophy allows us to concentrate our energy on a smaller number of hives, benefiting both our bees and our honey production.

This is our way, The Midcoast Honey way.

Because we believe in the natural benefits that nature has provided, we are very excited to able to provide you with our newest product, Jellybush Honey. Jellybush honey is often called Manuka honey, and is produced from the nectar of the Leptospermum flowers, and in particular in our area from Leptospermum Polygalifolium. This honey is known around the world for its potent antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory benefits as well as a host of other great uses, and more is being discovered all the time. It is our pleasure to provide you with these products, we hope you enjoy them and assure you they will arrive with you As Pure As Nature Intended.

To Purchase or stock our Jellybush Honey either contact us or visit our Sister-Site directly –

Because we strive to create the highest strength MANUKA honey, we have created another business to pursue this passion, leading the way in plantation design for medicinal honey production in Australia:

We have stopped retail honey sales temporarily whilst our kids grow, but we still produce and provide our honey to BULK Wholesale customers, contact us for more info!